Transformers G1: Season 2

Episode List

1. “Autobot Spike”

2. “Changing Gears”

3. “City of Steel”

4. “Attack of the Autobots”

5. “Traitor”

6. “The Immobilizer”

7. “The Autobot Run”

8. “Atlantis, Arise!”

9. “Day of the Machines”

10. “Enter the Nightbird”

11. “A Prime Problem”

12. “The Core”

13. “The Insecticon Syndrome”

14. “Dinobot Island, Part 1″

15. “Dinobot Island, Part 2″

16. “The Master Builders”

17. “Auto Berserk”

18. “Microbots”

19. “Megatron’s Master Plan, Pt 1″

20. “Megatron’s Master Plan, Pt 2″

21. “Desertion of the Dinobots, Pt 1″

22. “Desertion of the Dinobots, Pt 2″

23. “Blaster Blues”

24. “A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court”

26. “The God Gambit”25. “The Golden Lagoon”

26. “The God Gambit”

27. “Make Tracks”

28. “Child’s Play”

29. “Quest for Survival”

30. “The Secret of Omega Supreme”

31. “The Gambler”

32. “Kremzeek!”

33. “Sea Change”

34. “Triple Takeover”

35. “Prime Target”

36. “Auto-Bop”

37. “The Search for Alpha Trion”

38. “The Girl Who Loved Powerglide”

39. “Hoist Goes Hollywood”

40. “The Key to Vector Sigma Pt 1″

41. “The Key to Vector Sigma Pt 2″

42. “Aerial Assault”

43. “War Dawn”

44. “Trans-Europe Express”

45. “Cosmic Rust”

46. “Starscream’s Brigade”

47. “The Revenge of Bruticus”

48. “Masquerade”

49. “B.O.T.”


The Seekers of Season 2 with StarscreamThe biggest and most most popular season of the the G1 cartoon series. We pick up where Season 1 left off, Megatron has his new Constructicons and the appearance of Devastator becomes quite an exciting event in the beginning of this season. Many new characters are arriving (without explanation) to join the battle, on boths sides. Throughout the Season visits to Cybertron become more frequent as space travel becomes more accessible via the Decepticon Astrotrain and the giant Autobot – Omega Supreme.

During a secret operation to steal Energon from the Decepticons, female Autobots on Cybertron (thought to be extinct) are discovered by Shockwave. This arouses the interest of Megatron who declares that Elita-1 must be captured, as a trick to lure Optimus Prime into a trap. Escaping death as per usual, Optimus find his old Mentor and previous Autobot leader Alpha trion to repair a seriously injured Elita-1. During this time we discover that Alpha Trion built Optimus Prime and Elita-1, and is considered to be their father.

Alpha Trion’s next run in with the Autobots is after he is attacked by the Decepticons, to steal from him the key to Vector Sigma, the super computer that gives transformers unique personality. It is Megatron’s intent to build a new set of gestalt combiners (similar to Devastator) to fight the Autobots on the ground. These new Decepticons would become known as Stunticons, a team of vicious stunt driving vehicles which merge into the giant Menasor. In retaliation to this, Optimus builds the Aerialbots, to combat the Decepticons in the Sky. It is thethenĀ  that Alpha Trion merges with Vector Sigma (since the Decepticons have the key, which is required for Vector Sigma to operate) and gives the Aerialbots life. After this, the Aerialbots encounter the Stunticons, and merge into the giant gestalt combiner – Superion. Although losing their first battle with the Stunticons, Omega Supreme arrives just in time to save the day.

As they begin their lives on Earth, the Aerialbots act naive and reckless with a teenage-like angst for the Autobots and humans. Their fascination with the Decepticons and Cybertron, leads them into a trap set by Megatron, which sends them millions of years into the past. Landing in the golden age of Cybertron, just before the War, the Aerialbots witness first hand the murderous nature of Megatron, as he kills 3 innocent Autobots: Orion Pax, Dion and Aerial. The Aerialbots take the 2 Autobots to Alpha Trion, where he rebuilds Orion Pax into Optimus Prime, giving Orion Pax new life as the first Autobot warrior made to combat the Decepticons. It is also revealed that Aerial is rebuilt into Elita-1, and so the great war begins with Optimus Prime as leader of teh Autobots. The Aerialbots are then brought back to the present, with a new found hatred for the evil of the Decepticons.

In the coming months, Megatron has been dealing with his own problems, as Starscream is constantly trying to overthrow him and take leadership of the Decepticons. After a heated argument, Starscream fires upon Megatron whilst his back is turned, momentarily knocking him offline. As Megatron gains consciousness, he then attacks Starscream and exiles him from the Decepticons.

Starscream wakes up on an island with some old left over Military vehicles from a previos Earth war. These vehicles gives Starscream an idea, he then goes to Cybertron and steals 5 personality components of renegade Decepticons. He then inputs them into the Military vehicles and creates the Combaticons, a group dedicated to fighting against Megatron under Starscream’s own command. Once Megatron catches wind of this he confronts Starscream with Devastator, in a bid to put Starscream in back in his place. To Megatron’s surprise the Combaticons form the giant gestalt combiner Bruticus, defeat Devastator and force Megatron to admit defeat, temporarily declaring Starscream as the leader of all Decepticons. Moments later the Stunticons arrive, taking notice that Starscream has defeated Megatron, they attack as Menasor. Menasor defeats Starscream and Bruticus and they are then exiled from Earth and Cybertron.

Shortly after this the Combaticons escape and attack Cybertron, and this forces Megatron and Optimus to work together. With Starscream’s knowledge of Bruticus’ design, they shut him down and the Decepticons plan a hoax to destroy his body, only to have the real Bruticus in their possession. As they reprogramme Bruticus to follow only Megatron, the Decepticons then have a 3rd team of combining Decepticons to fight against the Autobots. It is shortly after this that the Protectobots make their first appearance and fight against Bruticus and the Decepticons in order to even out the balance of power.

The Autobots

Below are the Autobots introduced in Season Two

Omega Supreme
Omega Supreme
Red Alert
Red Alert


Air Raid
Fire Flight

The Aerialbots combine to form Superion:


BladesBlades First AidFirst Aid GrooveGroove
HotspotHotspot StreetwiseStreetwise

The Protectobots combine to form Defensor (watch beginning of clip below):

Other Special Autobot Characters

Alpha TrionAlpha Trion Elita 1 & The Female AutobotsElita 1 & The Female Autobots Devcon the Bounty HunterDevcon the Bounty Hunter
DionDion Orion Pax (rebuilt into Optimus Prime by Alpha Trion)
Orion Pax & Aerial
Orion Pax, Aerial & Dion were killed by Megatron, Alpha Trion then rebuilt Orion Pax and Aerial into Optimus Prime and Elita-1.


Below are the Decepticons made their first appearanced on Season 2:

BuzzsawBuzzsaw AstrotrainAstrotrain BlitzwingBlitzwing
DirgeDirge RamjetRamjet ThrustThrust

The Stunticons

MotormasterMotormaster BreakdownBreakdown Dead EndDead End
DragstripDragstrip WildriderWildrider

The Stunticons combine to form Menasor:

The Combaticons

OnslaughtOnslaught Blast OffBlast Off BrawlBrawl
SwindleSwindle VortexVortex

The Combaticons combine to form Bruticus:

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