Optimus Prime Cartoons & Characters“More than Meets the Eye”

The Transformers Cartoons & Characters were immensely popular in the 1980’s and their popularity hasn’t faded one bit! Since the 80’s many Transformers Characters & Cartoons have since been reimagined, re-invented and revived to add into more and more cartoon series.

With the first cartoon starting on American airwaves, it became hugely popular in Japan, which caused the several series to continually be released throughout the Japanese G1 years.

As this slowly faded, Beast Wars exploded Transformers back into the mainstream and made way for more shows in both American and Japan, leading up finally to the live action movies.


Below are the cartoon series that have been produced thus far:

g1 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers G1 & The Animated Movie

The original and arguably the best, what started out as a project to sell Transformers Toys, this cartoon exploded with popularity. We follow Optimus Prime and the Autobots as they escape their home planet of Cybertron in search of energy to revive Cybertron and end ‘The Great War’. Whilst being intercepted and their ship boarded by Megatron and his Decepticons, they crash land into prehistoric earth, and stay there until 1984, when they are awakened by the ship’s computer Teletran 1, and they continue to The Great War on Earth! Read more…

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g2 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers G2

Transformers G2 was a re-release of the original G1 cartoon and its characters, with added effects aswell as a new CGI introduction. This series was released sell more G2 Transformers Action Figures. Read More…

headmasters Cartoons & Characters

Transformers: Headmasters

The Headmasters were popular toys from the original Transformers toy line, and originally appeared in the 4th Season of the G1 cartoon. Japan however didn’t air the 4th season of G1 and instead created their own follow up of the G1 series, called Headmasters. We pick up were Season 3 left off, Optimus Prime is back, and Galvatron is on the rampage. During a battle some mysterious new Decepticons and Autobots arrive from outerspace, known as the Headmasters! Read more…

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masterforce Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Super God Masterforce

Super God Master Force is the next G1 based series in Japan. Years after the Headmasters left Earth, an entirely new cast of Transformers Characters arrive, disguised as humans, known as Pretenders. The Decepticons are also on Earth as Pretenders, disguised as Monsters. Throughout the series the God Masters arise and soon Ginrai, a truck driver from Earth who quickly finds himself the master of a (quite Optimus Prime-esque) robot, later upgrades to become God Ginrai, leader of the Autobots! Throughout the series the battles between God Ginrai and the Decepticon leader on earth Overlord, are frequent and exciting. An excellent Transformers series with a different twist! Read more…
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victory1 Cartoons & Characters
Transformers Victory

Years after the events of Masterforce, Ginrai is back, but as a backup character to the new Autobot leader Star Saber, as the war continues against the Decepticons and their leader Dezsaras. With an all new line of Transformers Characters, aswell as a few old ones (including cameos from G1 characters Perceptor and Wheeljack), Victory is another exciting Japanese series with excellent animation and action sequences.
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zone1 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Zone

Star Saber (of Transformers Victory) has gone missing, leaving Dai Atlas to fend off the attack from the Great Decepticon Generals – Devastator, Menasor, Bruticus, Trypticon, Predaking, Abominus, King Poseidon, Overlord and BlackZarak, who are under the command of the 3 face insectoid Violenjiger. Since this series wasn’t approved for further production after the pilot, not much is known of what could have been for Transformers Zone. It was later released as a straight to video OVA, and is worth the money if you’re a Japanese G1 fan!

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beast wars2 Cartoons & Characters

Beast Wars

300 years after the events of the G1 cartoon, Optimus Primal and Megatron (a different character with the same name) crash land on prehistoric Earth after warping through time. They then take on forms of local animals or ‘beasts’ to protect themselves from the unstable energon fields in the area. The Maximals (descendants of the Autobots) then battle the Predacons (descendants of the Decepticons) for energy and to prevent Megatron from changing the past. Throughout the course of this series some all powerful beings known as ‘The Vok’ learn of the war on Earth and try to destroy both the Maximals and Predacon’s for contaminating their project (Earth). Some of the most exciting CGI action scenes you’ll see in a cartoon you’ll find watching Beast Wars with it’s unforgettable Transformers characters and storyline.
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beast wars 2 Cartoons & Characters

Beast Wars II

Beast Wars II tells the story of a war between Lio Convoy’s team of Maximals and Galvatron’s army of Predacons on the planet Gaia. As LioConvoy and Galvatron fight over the Angolmois energy, a mysterious energy source. Many strange occurrences and mysterious properties of Angolmois begin to take place throught their battles. Since Beast Wars II hasn’t been officially released in english (or even with subtitles) very few people outside of Japan have been able to watch it, since you need to understand Japanese.

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beast wars neo1 Cartoons & Characters

Beast Wars Neo

The battle continue after Beast Wars II between the Maximals and Predacons for possession of an energy source called Angolmois. Big Convoy, the lone “one-man army”, is assigned to be a teacher to a group of young recruits against Magmatron and his Predacons. Later in the series the dark god Unicron arrives and both Maximals and Predacons join forces to defeat him. Like Beast Wars II, very few episodes are available in English as fan dubs, making it a rarely seen series outside of Japan.

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beast machines Cartoons & Characters

Beast Machines

Following the events of the first Beast Wars series, the Maximals are back on Cybertron, but something has changed, they can’t remember arriving, yet Cybertron has been taken over by Megatron, and his army of Vehicons. Once again the Maximals are forced to change their form, and learn to transform all over again, having no activation code to do it automatically for them. Another smooth CGI based animation, Beast Machines is a great adventure for Transformers Fans.
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robots in disguise Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Robots in Disguise

Megatron and his evil Predacons have arrived on Earth and kidnapped the planet’s foremost energy expert, Dr. Kenneth Onishi. Optimus Prime and his Autobots, hidden undercover on Earth disguised as vehicles, plan to rescue Dr. Onishi and defeat Megatron’s forces including his newly created Decepticons.

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transformers armada Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Armada

A new line of Transformers Characters once again arises as Optimus Prime and Megatron go to battle! This time Megatron and his decepticons are after the Mini-cons, a race of miniture robots that when used correctly give them greater power. Later in the series the planet destroyer Unicron also arrives (similar to the Transformers Animated Movie), to destroy Cybertron, and the Autobots and Decepticons must join forces to destroy Unicron!
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energon1 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Energon

Following the events of Armada the same Transformers Characters are back (mostly in new robot forms) and have formed an alliance with the humans. As Megatron is gone, both Decepticon and Autobots are under the command of Optimus Prime, until Scorponok and the Terrorcons, under the command of Alpha Q, begin attacking Earth and the Autobots, it is then that Megatron’s body is found in the body of Unicron and revived to lead the Decepticons once again.
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cybertron1 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Cybertron

Cybertron is in danger after black hole has opened near the planet, and the Autobots, followed closely by the Decepticons evacuate to Earth. Once again a new universe with new Transformers Characters, where the keeper of Time and Space Vector Prime, an ancient time travelling Transformers, arrives to help the Autobots uncover the Cyber Planet Keys. The series then expands into outer space and many planets in search of the keys where many new characters are introduced to join the battle!
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animated1 Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Animated

Transformer Animated is a more toon based animated show, focusing on smaller battles which eventually evolve into another battle on Earth between the Autobots and Decepticons. Carrying the All-Spark, teh Autobots are attacked by Megatron (who is long beleived to have died in the great war many years earlier) aboard their ship in outer space, which causes their crash into Earth. Transformers Animated is the only animated series where Optimus Prime is not the supreme leader of all Autobots and a lower rank, under the great Ultra Magnus.

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transformers prime Cartoons & Characters

Transformers Prime

The latest series, produced with excellent CGI animation and action sequences, it follows the design of the Live Action Movies very closely. Optimus and his Autobots are trapped on Earth with no ship to leave, it is then that Megatron arrives and begins another great Transformers War!

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