Decepticon G1 Gestalts/Combiners

Decepticon G1 Gestalts/Combiners

It all started when a small team of purple & yellow bots known as constructicons showed up and had their first battle with Grimlock and the Dinobots. They combined into the biggest Transformer anyone had seen so far and was forever an icon of how epically huge these Transformers could become. Since then they Decepticons and Autobots got busy building more and more Gestalts to balance the power. Here is a list of the Decepticon gestalts of G1:



As mentioned above, Devastator was the first and one of the most memorable. The team was known as the constructicons, and they were built by Megatron and the Decepticons in Season one, however their origins changed strangely to show that they were turned to evil by Megatron in Season 2. Then lastly, they were seen building Megatron in Season 3 so the origins are little fuzzy. But Devastator and the constructicons were major players during the second season of the Transformers.


Menasor is the combined power of the 5 Decepticons known as the Stunticons.  Fashioned from cars that perform amazing stunts and driving maneuvers, Megatron intended them to be  their asset on the ground as it was recently observed that the Autobots carried major advantage on the ground against the Decepticons.  Thus the Stunticons were created, and Menasor was the next ultimate weapon against the Autobots.


Brutics was originally built from from existing war machines discovered by a then-exiled Starscream.  To get revenge on Megatron for making him look like a fool, Starscream stole the personality components  of 5 renegade Decepticons and used them to create the Combaticons.  Military specialists with an emphasis on combat.  They then rebelled shortly after and Starscream & Megatron brought Bruticus under control to fight for the Decepticons.  He has since been a powerful weapon for the Decepticons to call on.


Predaking is a ruthlessly powerful Decepticon warrior who combined from 5 Predacons – vicious Decepticon hunters.They appeared in Season 3 during the Five faces of Darkness 5 part series.  One of the most powerful of the Gestalts, Predaking is a major threat to Autobots during any battle.


Abominus is aanother ruthless Gestalt that appeared during Season 3 of the Transformers.  the Horrorcons that formed him are significantly powerful with a primal rage in battle.  Abominus strangley just appeared in battle along side Galvatron, so their origins are also a bit fuzzy.

King Poseidon (aka Piranacon)

Moving onto the Japanese G1!  King Poseidon was the first combiner that faced the Autobots since the headmasters left Earth some years beforehand.  Combining from a team known as the Seacons, King Poseidon’s strength is under the water as he tr splits and transforms into monsters of the ocean.  Although originally a threat to the Autobots, he was quickly disposed of by the Autobot/Godmaster Ginrai as the days of battle went by.


The Dinoforce appeared in Transformers Victory as a team of 6 seemingly dimwitted warriors who combined into the powerful gestalt – Dinoking.  Always mistreated and disrespected, the Dinoforce were eventually left to die by Deszaras and Liokaiser, and they then deserted the Decepticon commander and were last seen in construction.


Liokaiser is the powerful gestalt warrior who is a result of the 6 Breastforce members combining.  Liokaiser was immensely powerful, being more than a match for Starsaber (the leader of the Autobots) and tipping the balance of power.  It wasn’t until the appearance of Victory Leo who combined with Starsaber to form Victory Saber that he was able to be defeated effectively in battle.